Welcome to Appeide

Appeide currently has three applications out on the App Store. Read more about them below and watch a quick tutorial if you want to learn more.



«Categorize» can help you organize your life and is great for keeping track of things. Create your own lists and add a picture and description.

Keep track of your favorite sorts of wine. Take it´s picture and write what you thought of the wine. Takes notes of different books you want to read, fish you catch, restaurants you´ve been to or shoes you buy and which outfit they math.

Norges Fylker


«Norges Fylker» is an application which provides you with an overview of the norwegian counties. View details about the differenct counties, their coat of arms and their location on the map.

The US


«The US» is an application that lets you browse the states in the US. It provides you with information on history, politics and geography of the different states. 

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